Emergency Response Guide

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Police: 911
  • Fire: 911
  • UWPD Non-emergency: 262-2957
  • Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

General Principles

Protect yourself when calling 911:

  • Tell dispatcher your location, including building and room number.
  • Answers all the dispatcher’s questions and do NOT hang up until told to do so.
  • Follow all directions given by emergency personnel.

Criminal Acts

  • Acts IN PROGESS (Examples: Intrusion, theft, acts of violence/threads) -> Call 911
  • Acts NOT IN PROGRESS (Examples: Vandalism, Missing Property) -> Call UW Police Non-Emergency Line: 262-2957

Medical Emergency

  • If trained begin First Aid -> Call 911 -> Have another person meet Police & Rescue at designated area to bring personnel to victim.