Facility Access Program

The Facilities Access Program coordinates:

  • Physical accessibility for persons with disabilities on UW-Madison campus
  • Review of construction plans for code compliance and accessibility
  • Accommodation requests from students and employees related to facilities and transportation
  • Accessibility information for facility managers and UW programs and departments

If you have questions about the content of this page or about a facility access problem on campus, contact the Facilities Access Specialist at 608-263-3021.

Pedestrian Routes

Go to Pedestrian Accessible Route Map

Campus Construction Sites

For additional campus construction that will effect vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes, please see the Campus Road Closures Map.

For information on City of Madison construction projects that will affect vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes around campus, please view the project site detail at the City of Madison Street Construction Closure.

Internal Building Routes

Please note that these routes, generally, do not have severe slopes or stairs. The routes, however, may have heavy fire doors that may not be fully accessible.

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